Over the years both Bear Heart and Molly have received letters and e-mails from people from all over the world expressing how much The Wind Is My Mother has helped them and thanking them for writing it.

Some said it gave them the sense of purpose, direction or inspiration they had been seeking for years.

A trial lawyer stated it made him rethink his career and how he conducted it. Many said it was their favorite book after the Bible.

The authors heard stories of people taking the book into the operating room when they had surgery so its good energy would help their healing.

A nurse said she keeps it by her bedside and when she has a question, opens it at random to find meaningful guidance.

Attorneys, single mothers, cancer patients, spiritual seekers – this is just part of the wide pool of readers thus far.


“This fascinating book is a rare combination of universal truths and practical applications. It is an excellent manual for living a healthy life in a complex world.”  — John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

“A compelling and important work. . . Bear Heart’s is a truthful, honest voice which has let us into his world, and our world is better for it.”  Body, Mind, Spirit

“At once mystical and utterly practical, Bear Heart’s message is not a call to conversion, but the testimony of a life so fully lived that it can heal others. To read it is to be inspired to live one’s own life with more attention, harmony and hope.” – Lorene Cary, author of Black Ice

“A fantastic book; you won’t want to miss it . . . an eye-opening piece of history.” – Mark Steiner, WJHU, Baltimore Maryland


“An extremely inspirational book filled with wisdom that has been passed down for centuries. It is a combination of Universal Truths and every-day living. Grandfather Bear Heart sits right up there with Fools Crow as one of the True Holy Men of our time.” – Amazon reader

“What an incredible book! It was warm, witty, insightful but mostly a “Keeper”! I leave it by my bed, and open it when I wish to be surrounded by the warmth of Bear Heart.” – Amazon reader

“Bear Heart has a wisdom in his words that I use daily to further my spiritual growth. My copy lives right there on my nightstand and gets referred to on a regular basis. I have bought about three dozen copies of this book to share with friends and family trying to get their spiritual lives in balance.” – Amazon reader

“Everyone should read this book and get back to the basics. Very thought provoking and makes you look at the way you conduct your own life.” – Amazon reader

“The Wind is a book I keep close to me. Teachings of Native American elders are so important because we learn about the qualities of compassion, sensitivity, bravery, and integrity. This book helped me to lighten up during a time when the world seemed cruel and antagonistic. Listen to the teachings in the elements. We are never alone. Bear Heart’s writing, and his life, are a testimony to the power of culture and counseling from the heart.” – Amazon reader

“A great wealth of wisdom and inspiration for any soul treading the spiritual path. Read this and not only understand Native American spirituality better but see the connectedness of all spiritual paths and the truth they share.” – Amazon reader

“Bear Heart successfully links traditional beliefs to contemporary times to help the reader understand the Native American culture. The life lessons and principles that he shares can be applied by anyone interested in enriching his/her spiritual life. I selected it as a reading for my book club (a diverse group of individuals) and it was well received and enjoyed by all.” – Amazon reader